Upcoming Classes

To Register Online:


1) New students need to create an account.  Please go to this page.


2) If you haven't purchased an annual registration fee, please click on this link.  Please note that if you are paying for the participant, please pay under the participant's account instead of yours.


3) Once you have purchased an annual registration fee (there should be a purple dot next to the registrant's name), then click on this link to register. 


4) All students must review and sign our 1. student policies (here) and 2.  waiver form (here) before entering the studio or attending any classes. Please ensure you complete both documents BEFORE your class.

NOTE: Except stated otherwise, all classes will be taught in Inglewood.

Registration is a first come, first served basis.  There are NO reservations unless we received your payment and forms.


GST applies unless participant is under 14 years of age.

*Classes are removed from the list once full. Please check your enrollment email for information on your class.

KIDS (7- 11 YEARS)

Kids Aerials

Please check back for our January semester.

TEENS (12- 14 YEARS) ​​​​​​​

Teens have the opportunity to explore a variety of aerial skills.  Participants under the age of 14 do not need to pay GST.

Teen Aerials


Please check back for our January semester.


Looking for a class? Email us to inquire. 

(+15 YEARS)


Big kids are welcome to join in the fun of being in the air. The moves taught will depend on the ability of the people that attend the class.  Students progress at their own pace using apparatus such as silk, trapeze hoop, hammock, and rope. Participants over the age of 14 need to pay GST on their classes.

Looking for a class? Email us to inquire.