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Meet Our Enigmatic Team

Vienne - director, movement coach & aerial arts instructor

Cary - general circus and aerial instructor

Cary's passion for circus arts started in 2006, when she was working and traveling around the world for about 4 years.  She studied aerial arts and poi in Australia, London and Edinburgh.  When she returned to Canada in 2009, she continued her pursuits and passion in circus arts.  In 2017, she completed the Instructor Circus Arts program taught by ENC.  Currently, she is living in two countries trying to escape winter and is developing a strong interest in hammock.

Chelsea - general circus and aerial instructor

Chelsea started taking classes at the Calgary Circus Studio when she was 14. She started coaching kids classes a couple years later. She taught general circus arts initially, but her favourite events to coach quickly became silks and partner acrobatics. In addition to coaching, she also performed for a couple years with a group called Velocity Motion Werks. When she’s not coaching circus classes, Chelsea loves to travel, play with her cat, and eat chocolate.

Kaitlyn - aerial instructor

Kaitlyn has been dancing since she was 5 and started taking classes at the Calgary Circus Studio at age 15. She found an interest in aerials through the Young Canadians where she performed in the 2017 Grandstand Show on 360 harnesses.   Kaitlyn teaches general aerials, but her focus is mainly in aerial lyra and silks. In 2018, Kaitlyn was selected to participate in the ENC summer camp.  Kaitlyn wants to make her students feel very accomplished and happy in classes.

Sydney - general and aerial instructor 

When Sydney was about 9 years old, she started taking classes at the Calgary Circus Studio as something new, fun and unique. Throughout the years she worked with props such as juggling balls and clubs, diabolo, rolla bolla and globe. As she got older, she turned to mainly training aerial skills. After working on silks and trapeze she found herself focusing on aerial hoop, which she still is working on to this day. Along with aerial hoop she is working on her contortion skills.  

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