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In this workshop you will learn some crucial tools that you can do daily to help support your nervous system to handle the internal and external chaos.  When we take control of our breath it l helps support all the events that cause overwhelm and stress. Reducing our stress allows for a healthier and more joyous experience.


You will also experience an inner journey through your breath to discover parts of you that are ready to heal and let go.


Take charge of the one thing you can control, your breath. If you are reading this invite there is no mistake that this workshop is for you. A gift to give to yourself to fold into the present moment of your breath.


Find your symphony and breathe into the change you seek into your reality.


We only ever have to deal with one breath at a time 


See you there!


You will need yoga mat, blanket, pillow and water bottle. Bring a journal should you wish to write down notes or self discoveries during the process.


Tayama's Bio:

My calling in life is coaching with the purpose to invoke more joy in life. From the age of 15 I have been coaching all ages in various modalities. From gymnastics , swimming, fitness, personal training, first aid to family cashflow and estate management, if I was interested in it, I became a teacher of it. I lived passionately seeking every opportunity to share knowledge that would empower others. Previously, I was a people-pleasing workaholic suffering from bulimia for 30 years and no one knew. I was hiding behind the mask of perfectionism.


Like most humans, my story is full of tragedy, addiction, grief, mental illness, rejection, abandonment and self judgement. These patterns were deeply ingrained and controlled my life. They became paralyzing when my dad died suddenly at the age of 68. This was 5 years ago. After 4 months of deep grief, I did not want to live but the fear of death was greater.


I decided to do something about it.


I went to Equator for a food retreat to come back into right relationship with myself, my body and my heart.


After 12 days of plant medicine ceremonies, I had a clear vision that I would teach others to breathe. Teaching the breath would help myself and others come into their bodies, calm the mind and open the heart to lead life on a more conscious path of joy and self discovery.


I have spent the past 5 years studying breath, prenatal imprints, energy, sound, vibration, inquiry, reiki, drumming, somatic trauma body work and how the symphony of our breath is tied to our ability to support ourselves and lead with our hearts. Meanwhile, learning to drop patterns that no longer serve the nervous system in flight or fight.


At a half century old, I am a wounded healer bringing joy into the shadows so the light can shine.


Come and play in the sandbox of breath and tune your symphony to the song of your heart.

April 25, 2022   


5:00 pm to 6:30 pm

Cost: $30 plus GST

Please click the button below to register.

Please note that GST will be added
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