Jugglegear / Canada is located right here in Calgary and is a great source for Circus equipment. The staff have a strong background in performing and teaching circus arts.  If you are interested in purchasing some equipment of your own, check out With over 600 products it is hard to know where to start, circus kit for you and yours.

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Looking for someone who can tailor a specific prop to your needs?  Here are a few in Calgary that can make what you are looking for.

Hula Hoops

Kari Thompson

Brandon has had 4 years of experience in creating props of all sorts. He has built anything from poi – staff – hoops- buugeng and is always seeking a new challenge to design the most personalized and effective props that take more then just look into consideration and focuses on manipulating the physics behind prop spinning to maximize each persons enjoyment in what they do and ability to unlock their personal “flow state.”

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