Class Descriptions


This is a circus disicipline that deals with any apparatus that hangs in the air. It is an ever expanding art, with traditional and new disciplines and apparatuses. At the Calgary Circus Studio we generally teach:

aerial hoop

Silks, also known as aerial ribbon or tissu is the aerial art where artists perform aerial acrobatics on special fabric.. Artists will climb, wrap, spiral, suspend and drop their bodies using the silk.

Trapeze is a short metal bar suspended by ropes. Artists can use this piece static, spinning or swinging and perform static and dynamic aerial acrobatics on it. At our school we teach static moves on single-point trapezes.

Aerial hoop, also known as lyra or cerceau is a hanging metal hoop that can be used static, swinging or spinning. Artists perform static and dynamic aerial acrobatics on the hoop as well as on the rope suspending the hoop.




Acrobalance is an acrobatic art that combines elements of two other arts: adagio and hand balancing. Adagio consists of partner lifts where the base lifts the flier in many different poses and positions. Many forms of adagio incorporate throws and tosses. Hand balancing is the art of performing acrobatic manoeuvres while supported by your hands or arms.



Equilibristics is a circus art that involves balance.  Stiltwalking, globe (shown on the right), rola bola and tightwire are all skills underneath the equilibristics umbrella.  This art works on not using your eyes, but feeling the balance with your body.






Prop manipulation is the art of using your body to manipulate various items, or props. The most recognizable form of prop manipulation is juggling, but as an ever expanding art also includes such things like contact juggling, hula hoops, poi, staff/baton, hats or whatever your imagination may throw at you to manipulate!



Can`t find what you are looking for?

If theres a circus skill that you want to learn that is not in a current or upcoming class, please send us an e-mail at We don`t know what you want unless you ask.  If there are enough people, we can set up a class so don't be shy!